Catering, Events, Cooking courses



A service created and developed by an all-female team that experiments and studies new techniques with an ever increasingly healthy and coherent approach.



Innovative concepts and solutions, a qualified and professional team and a buffet which has been carefully thought out down to the finest detail to make every event special and unique.

Cooking Course


Amateur cooking courses in private and public venues where expert chefs take it in turns to reveal their cooking secrets with thematic, fun lessons.

Passion and enthusiasm

“Cucinaré” is a real creativity workshop,
where food is enriched with stories that evoke strong emotions,
that are different on every occasion
and aimed at an increasingly more attentive and sensitive audience.

Global Marketing


Show cooking, video recipes, photographic shootings, our projects are inserted into company planning that includes placing and promoting products on the market by means of inbound marketing and are carefully studied and personalised with the aim of strengthening the retailer image of quality, placing the end consumer at the centre of the sales process.

Couronne du Chef


Couronne du chef is a brand of “Cucinaré”, and provides the link between the world of fashion and that of cooking, a first limited collection with cakes to “wear” embellished with Swarovski and sequins.