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Marketing projects for companies

The widespread passion for cooking has made consumers ever more attentive and aware of the world of food and wine. Over the last 10 years consumers have made their decisions surfing the net , consulting blogs and social networks, have followed cookery courses and have been curious to experiment recipes and get their hands in the dough; they are ready to express an opinion about a brand and spread it over the online community, like an expanding oil stain, favouring healthy and sustainable products.

Our projects can be part of company planning that includes placing and promoting products on the market by means of inbound marketing and are carefully studied and personalised with the aim of strengthening the retailer image of quality, placing the end consumer at the centre of the sales process, paying attention to the quality of the products, the labels and innovation in cooking.

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Beyond the usual catering

Attention to detail, choice of high quality products,
ability to offer “concept” and solutions and a qualified staff.

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