The award winning panettone


by Chiara Piemonti and Marco Giacomella

Leavened bread and pastry making teaching staff and consultants with twenty years of experience. Over these numerous years of experience, they have been responsible for a workshop at an elite bakery in Milan, where they have received various great reviews from the most important Italian restaurant guides. In 2016 they were awarded with the prize for the most easily digestible Panettone at the Tenzone panettone competition and presently work as freelancers all over Italy.

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Practical course

Saturday 1st December from 19.30 to 21.30
Sourdough starter, conversion, making the aroma for the panettone and the first mixture.

Sunday 2nd December from 9.00 to 16.00
Making the second mixture, shaping and putting into moulds.
Lunch break with the Chef’s pizza and focaccia. Make a savoury panettone.
Participants will be provided with an apron, recipe booklets and utensils required to make dough.
**Bring a glass or plastic jar with a lid for the sourdough starter.
Cost for both days: €120
Booking necessary, payment on-line
Minimum number of participants 12, maximum 20

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