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Lesson with Chef Dalicandro, a teacher in professional schools and personal chef all over Italy, eclectic and always in search of new stimuli…says “…I don’t teach recipes or solutions but ways, techniques and an analytic approach based on experience. The classroom is a time/place to exchange ideas, to examine in depth and make mistakes….Respect and continuous improvement are values I try to transmit, and that I apply in my work”

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Sunday 14th April from 16.00 to 20.00
Demonstrative lesson, dessicators.
An intense lesson to discover and examine in depth the potential of desiccators, to understand the process of desiccation and taste some products made. From homemade powders to dried meat, from fruit cialdine and fruit leather to meringue, from candied fruit to yoghurt, cheese and a lot more. We will understand how to choose the correct desiccator, the differences between a vertical and horizontal one and the relative opportunities and critical aspects, the use of non-stick sheets, the choice of temperature and raw materials, the operating techniques and conservation.

Specifically we will talk about:

  • Homemade powders (from vegetable broth to olive powder)
  • Dried fish and meat
  • Puffing cereals
  • Friut cialdine and friut leather
  • Meringues
  • Chips
  • Fried style
  • Candied fruit

Participants will be provided with an apron and recipe booklets
Cost of course €70
Booking necessary, payment on-line
Minimal number of participants 16, maximum 20

Additional Information

Hone cooking at low temperatures, siphons and their techniques, desiccators

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